Slots Not On Gamstop – 20+ Slots Casino Gambling Sites for 2020

slots not on gamstop imageLet’s face it, slot machines are found everywhere, you will find them in most pubs and clubs, and can play them in amusement arcades, land-based casinos and in a whole host of other venues too

There are of course both online casino sites that offer players literally hundreds if not thousands of different slot games too, and apps or mobile slots not on Gamstop can also be downloaded onto any touchscreen mobile device too. I go into detail about what Gamstop is elsewhere on the site but in short, it is a self-exclusion scheme to moderate bad gambling habits, or at least that is the intent.

Whilst most people will enjoy playing slot machines every now and then, sadly for some people playing them can lead to them experiencing problems, and that is why Gamstop have launched a nationwide self-exclusion register.

Anyone can add their name to their self-exclusion register, and by doing so all casino sites and slot and casino app operators that are also part of that scheme will then in turn block your access from their gambling sites and apps.

Best Slots not on GamStop

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However, what has been discovered is that some people may have signed up to Gamstop not due to them having a gambling problem, but due to them simply wanting to take a short break from gambling or in some extreme cases their employers have demanded they become part of that scheme for one reason or another (sometimes unnecessarily or contractually), but not for reasons associated with a gambling addiction problem.

There are of course ways to get around Gamstop but if you are one of the growing number of people that do enjoy gambling and playing slot machines for their bonuses, that have added to your name to the Gamstop register, but you want to play slots once more for real money, then this website has been launched to ensure you can find and then play slots not on Gamstop at various slot and casino sites and apps. When it comes to mobile, by sticking with the most popular non-Gamstop mobile slots players are usually somewhat protected with Gamstop but even then, I would recommend sticking with the list above to ensure your experience won’t be interrupted by Gamstop for the smoothest experience.

But do keep in mind a great deal of effort has been put into choosing just which slots not registered with Gamstop are going to be presented to you throughout this website, as its important that you only ever play and gamble at sites and on apps that offer real money slot game players a fully rounded gaming experience and one they will enjoy.

Highest Paying Slot Machines

The slot machines that are going to give you the chance of winning big are of course progressive jackpot awarding slot machines, but do keep in mind that there are plenty of online slots not on Gamstop that offer progressive jackpots which do not all play and pay in exactly the same way. There are also huge differences between online and mobile slots that are important to keep in mind when choosing and spending time on either.

The most basic progressive jackpot awarding slots you can play are the older styled three reel slots but when playing those slots the one thing that you are often forced to have to do to have any chance of winning the life changing jackpots attached to them is to play them for the maximum stake level they have on offer.

Therefore, that can of course be an expensive way of playing slots, for not every player has a bankroll large enough to sustain a large number of maximum bet spins, so consider playing some other types of slots which offer you the chance of winning a progressive jackpot but sometimes for much lower stake levels.

Some of my featured slot sites not on Gamstop are going to be offering you access to random jackpot progressive slots, and when playing those slot games, which by the way are usually structured as video slots, you always have a chance of being randomly awarded a progressive jackpot no matter at which stake levels you are playing them for.

It will also be the case that some slot machines that offer one or more progressive jackpots could be offering you jackpots that are guaranteed to be won before they reach a certain value and this is especially so if you’re looking at UK slot games with the highest jackpots compared with offshore games.

If you do come across such slots then the best time to give them some play time is when their respective jackpots are very close to their guaranteed hit values, as they are much more likely to pay those jackpots out much sooner rather than later.

Older Styled Basic Slot Machines


Let me now give you some ideas as to the many different types and categories of UK and non-UK casinos that you are readily going to have access to, for you are of course only going to want to play slot games that do appeal to you directly, and ones that you will find the most fun to play.

Compared to some of the newer slot machines, some slots (not Gamstop) are the older types classic and three reel slot machines, on which you are not going to be triggering any type of bonus games and/or bonus features, and as such when playing such slots you will find they are very fast playing slot machines.

But, and this is important, when playing for example the single payline classic slot machines, look at the pay table of those types of slot games, and see if when you play them for the maximum number of coins permitted on their one single payline if there are any boosted jackpots on offer.

When you do find such a slot the best way to play them to take advantage of those boosted jackpot payout amounts is of course to play them for the maximum coins possible per spin, reducing the actual coin values to suit your bankroll will of course allow you to be able to afford to play such slots for maximum coin spins.

Many three reel slots are also on offer to players too and fruity slots Gamstop registered users can play that have three reels but more than one payline on offer often have bigger jackpots on offer on their higher numbered paylines, so when playing those types of slots try and put into play every single optional payline to have the chance of spinning those higher paying jackpot combinations.

Master Playing Fruit Machines

I know that many of you out there are going to be great fans of playing fruit machines, and they are just one of many individual category of online slots UK not on Gamstop sites have to offer players so make no mistake about it – you are going to find plenty of those types of slots available to you online. It is just a matter of finding the best strategy for playing slot games online with which you can employ for maximum earning potential.

Just keep in mind though, that fruit machines do operate in a completely different ways to standard video slots not on Gamstop UK players will find in great numbers online, and as such you will first need to master playing them to have a fair chance of winning.

What fruit machines do offer players are skill-based bonus features, and as such you should try and play those types of slot machines for free initially, to get used to playing off those true skill bonus features.

That way when you trigger then your experience at playing them off will stand you in a much better position to be able to win the maximum amount possible.

But at the end of the day, you need to ensure that any slots not blocked by Gamstop you do play online are the very best possible paying ones, so always make a beeline to play fruit machines that have by far and away the very highest payout percentages.

Most if not all of the non Gamstop slots sites presented to you upon and throughout this website list the payout percentages on their websites, or on the help files or pay tables on each fruit machine, so you will not have to look very hard to gain access to that all important information.

Action Packed Video Slot Games

The slots I am confident most of you out there are going to want to play at video slots, for they offer players all manner of potentially high paying bonus games and bonus features and all non Gamstop slots UK players are welcome to play at will have plenty of them on offer.

Just keep in mind though, that all online slots no Gamstop casinos will give you access too will come with their own payout percentages and volatility, and below I will be explaining how you can find slots that suit your playing style and bankroll too.

If you do want to play video online slots not covered by Gamstop then you can also sample the delights of playing them for free and at no risk too, just make sure you try out as many different slots as you can do for I guarantee you ill love playing lots of them.

Do also consider the online slots not Gamstop casinos have on offer that can be played with the many bonuses that such sites give away to their players for by claiming a high valued sign up welcome bonus offer you will get plenty of extra play time and plenty of additional winning opportunities too.

Understanding the Volatility of Slot Games

understanding-volatility-of-slot-gamesAs soon as you do make the decision that you do want to get stuck into playing any of the online slots not registered with Gamstop that can be accessed via an instant play or fully downloadable gamin platform you really are going to be spoiled for choice.

However, be aware that the online slots not with Gamstop are going to be designed with one of three main types of volatility, that being the amount of risk associated with each slot machine, and its important you select a slot to play that is suitable to your bankroll and the amount of risk you want to have in place when playing.

The lowest risk slot machines are low variance slots, and when you set about playing those types of low risk slot machines you will find you often get some much longer slot playing sessions.

That is due to them being designed in such a way that players tend to spin in lots of low valued winning combinations and can often also trigger lots of lower paying bonus games and bonus features too, and as such longer slot playing sessions are achievable due to players being able to recycle their initial bankroll and their winnings multiple times on each session that have playing such slots.

You will also find some slot games not on Gamstop offer a medium variance, and those slot machines offer a medium level of risk, and for those of you that are prepared to take the maximum risks, you will also find some high variance slot machines too,

But when you do play high risk high variance slot machines at any slot sites not covered by Gamstop keep in mind at all times that they can eat up your bankroll very quickly, as the way those slot game shave been designed is such that they do not payout lots of low valued winning payouts, instead they offer players a playing structure than can see those players winning some much rarer but much higher valued winning payouts instead of lots of lower valued ones.

Slot Machine Payout Percentages

Whilst you should always find slot machines and slot games to play that offer you the range of staking options you wish to play for and slots offering you the type of variance and risk you are seeking too, it is also very important when playing at slot sites not registered with Gamstop that you play the slots with the very highest payout percentages.

I am happy to let you know that the slot sites that don’t use Gamstop have some very high paying slot machines that do boast long term expected payout percentages way higher than slot games available in for example land based casinos and at other casino sites too.

The slots I would suggest you look out for and concentrate your slot playing efforts on are those that have been set to return to players over the long term a payout percentage of at least 97% and higher. That way over your long term play you will always then get more winning payouts based on the amount you wager at those sites.

The slot sites without Gamstop will always list the payout percentages of each of their slot machines either on their websites, or on the pay tables of their slot machines instead, and some of them make that very important information available on their slot machine help files.

So always be prepared to spend a little bit of time looking up that information, as that way you will always have some idea of which slot games offer the very best and highest paybacks.

Easy to Deposit and Cash Out Winnings

Whilst you can of course choose to play slots not Gamstop sites have available for free, when it comes to you playing them in a real money playing environment you will of course need to have a payment method on hand to top up your accounts.

The way you can choose from to fund any type of site offering slots not in Gamstop include you being able to deposit using a debit card, or if you prefer you are also going to be able to use a prepaid vouchers such as a PaySafeCard or even use a web wallet such as Skrill, Neteller or PayPal.

However, if you want to play any type of real money slots not with Gamstop using one of the many different crypto currencies, then make no mistake about it you will find plenty of casino sites and slot sites as well as plenty of casino and slot apps that will allow you to make a deposit using a cryptocurrency.

Not only that but many of those sites are also going to let you cash out your winnings back to your cryptocurrency digital wallet and they will pay you out quickly and in the fastest possible time frames too, which is always good to know of course.

Plenty of Bonuses and Slot Promotions

With deposit match bonuses, free slot spins on which you can keep the winnings and even no deposit bonus offers and slot playing competitions such as slot tournaments that each of my featured sites have on offer really are going to be worth playing at.

By choosing to play slots online (no Gamstop) users are going to lose out on those bonuses, and with the most generous terms and conditions attached to all of their promotional offers, you will always get the maximum winning opportunities if you do decide to claim any of those bonuses.


When picking a non-Gamstop casino it’s vital to do your research. So when you want to have plenty of play time playing slots that aren’t on Gamstop do consider claiming those bonuses, and I am also happy to let you know each casino showcased will also have their very own loyalty scheme in place too.

That means when playing any slot machines at those sites in a real money playing environment you will be earning yourself comp points which can then be exchanged for additional playing credits once you have saved up enough of them.

You really are going to be rewarded for your real money slot playing activities online as those casino sites, however you will never be forced to have to claim any bonuses if you would simply prefer to gamble with your own money instead.

Most Popular Non Gamstop Slots

As the number of slot games grows every day of the week, thanks in no small part to their now being literally hundreds of slot game studios and slot machine designers, you are always going to find lots of different types and categories of slot machines available to you as an online slot player.

However, if you are thinking about signing up to one of my  featured and fully reviewed non Gamstop casino sites then what you will find below are the most popular slot game categories that are available at each of those casino sites, and you will enjoy playing plenty of them for real money for sure.

Video Slots With Bonus Games

When you do sign up to any non Gamstop casino site, what you are going to find is one category of slot machines that will be listed in the slot game menu that is a very large category of slots, and that will be the video slot games, and do not be too surprised to find hundreds of them listed and available at any such site.

The main reason why there will be hundreds of such slot machines readily available and on offer at those casino sites and additionally on their respective casino apps is of course that players love playing those types of slot machines are will actively be looking for as many of them to play as is possible.

What video slots do tend to offer which by the way is the main reason they do get a lot of attention from players, is that they will come with at the very least one but sometimes more bonus games and bonus features.

Those bonus games and the bonus features attached to non Gamstop video slots could be a picking-based bonus games a set of free spins or even a wheel spinning based slot machine bonus game instead.

They offer players the chance of winning big whenever they have been lucky enough to trigger those bonus games and bonus features, and with some luck in playing them off they can away much more than can be won via the base game alone.

Therefore if you are looking form some of the most exciting slot machines to get stuck into playing either for free and at no risk of for real money, then the video slot games are certainly going to deliver to you a fun and very exciting slot playing experience for sure.

Progressive Jackpots

Not only are you going to find plenty of very exciting all action video slot machines available at any non Gamstop casino site, but you are also going to find a range of slot machines that with some luck in playing could award you with a huge amount of cash, and even a life changing jackpot if you are lucky enough to win those jackpots you will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Those huge paying slot machines will of course be the progressive slot machines, and the thing to keep in mind about them is that a small percentage of the stake levels that you are playing them for are going to be added to the jackpot pool.

They keep on rising in value over any length of time and when one player do manage to win the jackpot those jackpots then reset to their seed value and will begin to rise in value once again until they are won again.

Look out for not only standard progressive slot machines that require you to play them for maximum bets takes and then line up the jackpot paying reel symbols to be awarded with a progressive jackpot, keep your eyes peeled for what are known as random jackpot slots, for those types of progressive non Gamstop slot machines can award a progressive jackpot not only completely at random to players but players playing for any stake amount too.

Fast Playing Basic Non Gamstop Slots

There may come a time when you do fancy chancing your arm and trying your luck playing any of the never ending stream, of slot machines that are available at any of my highly rated and fully licensed and regulated non Gamstop casino sites, but do not have much spare time to do just that.

If that is the case then please do be aware that there are some slot machines available at every single one of those casino sites that have been designed as rapid playing slot games, and as such when you know which slots they are and then get stuck into playing them you can rattle through a huge number of spins in a very short space of time.

Those much faster playing slot machines by the way are the classic slots on which you will find just three reels and one single payline along with the three-reel slots which offer players a small number of options paylines instead.

As there are never going to be any bonus games or bonus features that can be triggered when playing those types of slot machines what you will find is that you can play off a huge number of spins very quickly, so do keep that in mind is you are short on time and wish to play some slot machines either online or via a mobile device, but do pick out the slots to play that cone with the very highest payout percentages as that way you will have a much greater chance of winning more out of them over your long term play time.

Gamstop Slots Frequently Asked Questions

I want you to have as much information at your fingertips regarding slots that don’t use Gamstop as I can provide you with as there are both pros and cons of joining Gamstop and the more information you have, the more informed your game sessions are when it come to where you should be playing.

At the foot of each of my slot playing guide, articles and non Gamstop slot sites and casino reviews you will find a range of questions that many players do have about accessing slot games online or via a mobile device.

I will be answering each of those questions, so if you are unsure about any aspect of becoming an online or mobile slot machine player, much more so if you have added your name to the Gamstop register (learn how to register with Gamstop if you haven’t already registered) then please do spend as much time as you like looking around this website, as any and all questions that you may have will be answered somewhere within it.

Can I Play Via Non Gamstop Casino and Slot Apps?

You have the choice of being able to access slots without Gamstop via online gaming platforms, but you will also find plenty of casino and slot apps, which come jam packed with hundreds of different slot machines, so it is up to you as to just how you access those slots, either online or via any type of mobile device.

Are Low and High-Stake Slot Players Catered For?

Make no mistake about it, when you do want to know what slot sites are not on Gamstop by looking around this website you will find plenty of them. It is worth noting too each of those sites are going to cater for all level of slot players, so low and high-stake players are always going to be very well catered for at each of them.

Is Every Type of Slot Machine Available?

There will be casino slots (no Gamstop) users will want to miss out on playing at each showcased casino approved and listed on this site, and as such you will be pleased to learn that you are never going to miss out on playing absolutely any type of slot machine you do enjoy playing or want to play at those featured casino sites and apps that are not part of the Gamstop scheme.

Can I Test Drive Non Gamstop Slot Games?

One final question that you may just have, is whether you will be given access to demo mode versions of the real money slots offered at each non Gamstop slot site, the answer to that question is yes of course you will, so you can test drive any slot games you like the look of at no risk whatsoever.

Are RTP’s changeable by casino owners?

Most casino operators have no control over the long term expected payout percentages that their slot machine shave been set to payout to players, however some operators do and therefore you will be best advised to always take a look at a casinos website or the pay tables or help files attached to any slot machines as that is often where you will find out the RTP of any slot machine you play.

Which slot designer has launched the most slots?

The longer established slot and casino game designers, by virtue of the simple fact some of them have been in business for a decade or two are going to have by far and away the most slot machines, and I am happy to let you know each casino featured on this website have games for all of the established slot game designers so you will find more than enough slots on offer at those casinos.

What types of new slot machines are available?

I know that many of you out there are going to want to play new slot machines, and that is one of the main reasons why I have listed only the very best non Gamstop casino sites that are best famed for regularly launching plenty of new slot machines, so if you do want to play all the very latest slots then those are by far and away the very best casino sites that you can sign up to and play at.

Are no risk slot games available at online casinos?

Never be under the impression that when you do want to pass some time playing slot games either online or on any type of mobile device that you are only going to be able to do so in a real money playing environment as that will not be the case, each featured casino site and casino app will offer you the option of playing their vast array of different slot machines for free and at no risk.

Which is the best casino app to play slot games on?

When playing slot games on a mobile casino app you need to pick out one that is going to give you access to a wide and very varied range of different slot machines, those casinos I have listed upon this website have some of the most advanced mobile casino apps, and as such you are always guaranteed of finding plenty of mobile compatible slot games when playing via their casino apps.

Are fast play option settings offered on online slots?

You may not have a lot of spare time to play slot machines either online or via any type of mobile device, and as such you will be pleased to learn that most of the slot games readily available at my range of non Gamstop casino sites will offer a fast or speed play option, and by turning it on and activating that setting the reels will spin and stop much quicker than they normally do.

When do new slot games get launched online?

It is during each month that new slot machines and slot games are going to be launched at online and mobile casino sites, but keep in mind that the casino sites and apps that I have showcased throughout this website of have a very good mix of different slot game designers slot machines on offer, and as such they tend to get the most new slot games on their apps and platforms.

How volatile are online slot games?

Both online and mobile slot machines are going to be designed with one of three different payout percentages attached to them, and as such if you want to play low risk slots then play low variance slots, however medium variance slots of which there are plenty online offer a medium level of risk and high variance slot games are going to deliver to you a high risk type of slot playing session.

Can I play online slots for high stake levels?

You are in control when playing online slot machines, and keep in mind all of my featured non Gamstop casino sites are going to give you access to free play no risk demo mode slots, however when you choose to play for real money you will have the ability of setting the stake levels to some high amounts or some very low amounts, so always play online slots for stakes you can afford.

What is the biggest online slot jackpot I can win?

The sky is the limit as to just how much you can win when you for example set about playing progressive slot machines, for those types of slot games will have jackpots that continue to grow in value until one lucky player wins that jackpot, but some progressive slots have jackpots that have been set to be won before they reach a certain value, so always keep that in mind when playing.

Do online and mobile slot have the same RTP’s?

If you play the exact same slot machine online and on a mobile app at the same casino site then the RTP that slot machine has been set to return over the long term is not going to be higher or lower on either the mobile app or on the online gaming platform, and as such it doesn’t matter which environment you choose to play slot games in, you have the same chances of winning or losing.

Where will I find online slot game RTP’s listed?

The payout percentages that all online slot machines have been designed to return over the long term can and will vary, and keep in mind the savviest slot players are always going to be tracking down the slot machines that have the highest payout percentages attached to them, that information is often listed on a casinos website or on a slot game pay table or help files.

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