Configuring Your Own Unique Slot Sessions April 28, 2020 Brian Appleby

Configuring Your Own Unique Slot Sessions

configuring-your-own-unique-slot-sessionsYou may simply play slot machines online by picking one out, choosing a stake level to play it for and then sit there clicking away on the start or spin button, however all of my top rated and approved non Gamstop casino sites have fully configurable slot games on offer at their respective sites.

Therefore, for those of you that are looking for a fully tailorable slot playing session either online or via your mobile device then the following guide will enlighten you on each of the many option settings that you can make use of when playing at my featured non Gamstop slot and casino sites.

Selecting a Stake Level

It is good to know that when you do sign up to any of either my online or mobile casino sites that are not listed on Gamstop and are not part of that player self-exclusion scheme, you are not only going to have access to every single imaginable type of slot game you could ever want to play in both of those two playing environments, but you are also going to have full control over the stake settings you can play them for too.

As there is going to be a very good chance however, that you may never have seen or even played some of the slot games available at those handpicked range of top rated casino sites and apps, do keep in mind at all times that you are also going to be able to play no risk free play demo mode versions of all slots too at those sites and on their apps.

As such it is advisable that you do set aside a little bit of time to play them for free initially and at no risk, as that way you can get to grips with the gaming platforms and apps at those sites and then set about playing as many different slot machines to play that you may like the look of and the ones that you do find very appealing to play too.

As soon as you have sampled playing their range of slot machines and slot games completely free of charge and at no risk you can then of course instantly switch over to playing them in a real money playing environment, and do not forget each of those casino sites will be offering you full and unrestricted access to their respective new player sign up welcome bonuses too.

Whether you do indeed claim any of those welcome sign up bonuses or not, when you do play in a  real money playing environment, either with your own funds or with additional bonus credits in your account, you an then pick and choose just what coin values, paylines and stake you play each slot machine for.

Try and set each slot to play though for a stake level that your bankroll can sustain, for by settings the coin values down to some very low amounts you will in turn then be able to play them for a fair amount to time and will get some much longer slot playing session too, much more so when you have boosted the value I your deposit and bankroll via claiming a welcome sign up bonus offer, so do keep that in mind at all times when playing for real money.

Setting the Speed of Each Slot Game Spin

You are also going to be able to set each slot machine you choose to play any my featured and highly rated non Gamstop casino sites and also via their apps the speed at which each slot machine will play and pay too, which is something that you may be interested in doing of course.

Therefore, if you do not have a lot of time to play slot machines but you do want to have a quick session playing them, then once you log into those featured casino sites or when using their respective casino apps first launch the slot machine you want to play and then click onto the option settings button.

Once you have done that you will find a speed play or fast play setting and by activating it and turning it on the slot machine you have chosen to play will play off rapidly and with no delays and therefore you are going to be able to rattle through playing a much higher number of spins that you would do normally.

Some slot machines will also allow you to slow down completely the rate at which a slot machines reels will spin and stop and therefore if you do make use of that particular slot machine setting you are going to find the slot machines od tend to play much more slowly than normal and that will see you then in turn getting some much longer slot playing sessions instead.

Making Use of Gambling Limit Settings

The final thing that I do want you to pay careful attention to ate the gambling limit option settings that you will find available at any casino sites or when you set about using a real money casino app, much more so if you have added your name onto the Gamstop self-exclusion register.

Those gambling limit settings are there for a reason and that is to help you stay in full control of your real money gambling activities at each of those casino sites and casino apps, and as such it is very important that you do indeed make use of them  the very second you log into any real money casino site or casino app.

By clicking onto those settings you can then initially decide to put into play for any time period a deposit limit, and as such by doing so over the time period you have chosen and selected you are only ever going to be able to deposit the amount you selected as your maximum deposit limit and until that time period expires you will then not be permitted to make any additional deposits into your account.

There will also be a loss limit setting to so do also consider setting your own single session loss limit and also consider setting yourself a time limit too as that way you will not be tempted to carry on gambling when you have other much more important things to do, those responsible gambling tools are there for a reason that being to help you always stay in full control when gambling online or via a mobile device so do make sure that you make full use of each of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now you should have a very good idea of just what settings are available to you if you do decide to make the wise decision of playing slot machines at any of my top rated and highly recommended non Gamstop casino sites, and now I shall move onto giving you the answers to a range of questions that you may just have about playing slot machines at such a site.

Will I be able to play multiple different slots at the same time?

When you set forth and get stuck into playing slot machines online, you may fancy playing more than one slot machine at a time, and most gaming platforms are going to allow you to do just that, but keep in mind to save you having to flip through each screen and set the reels spinning individually you can utilize the auto play setting to send each slot game into live play automatically.

Which slots are the most exciting slots to play?

It will be down to just which type and category of slot machine that you choose to play as to just whether you are going to find them exciting, for at the end of the day all slot players have their own preferences when it comes to the slot games they play, any slots offering more than one bonus game or bonus feature will be some of the most exciting and entertaining slots you can play online.

Which are the most popular online slot machines?

The most popular slot games online as those that have bonus games and/or bonus features that not only trigger much more often than other slot machines award their bonus games and bonus features but those that give players the very real chance of winning big too, however when playing online you will always find every possible type of slot machine you could ever want to play.

Are land-based casino slots available online?

Most of not all land based slot machine designers and developers have made the wise decision of making their range of slot games fully compatible with both online and mobile gaming platforms, so if you do have your own personal favourite slot machines that you enjoy playing in land based casinos, then keep in mind that many of them if not all of them will also be available online too.

Are there any pick and win bonus game slots?

Pick and win bonus games are of course going to be readily available to players at any of my top rated and fully approved and highly recommended non Gamstop casino sites, and some of the pick and win bonus games can not only award you with additional bonus games and bonus features but could also award you with a huge and possibly life changing progressive jackpot so keep that in mind.

Do online slots award pick and match bonus games?

Every single slot player is going to make a beeline to play the slot machines they enjoy playing the most of course, and I am aware that many of you out there will love the thrill and excitement of playing slots offering pick and match based bonus games, and my top rated casino sites are going to have more than enough of those types of slots available to you via their online or mobile platforms.

Can I trigger true skill bonus games playing slots online?

I would suggest you try and play a wide variety of different slot machines if you do make what I feel is the very smart and site decision of choosing any of my top rated non Gamstop casino and slot sites to play at, for when doing so you will always come cross plenty of very unique slot machines to play, some of which may just be offering you a true skill base bonus game or bonus feature.

Do any online slots offer more than one bonus game?

Never be too surprised when signing up to any of my featured non Gamstop casinos and logging into your newly opened account regarding the number of different slot games you will then have access to, for you are going to find every imaginable slot game available at those casinos and some of those slots will give you the chance of triggering more than one bonus game or bonus feature.

Which slot machines award the most bonus games?

It will be fruit machines that you are going to be best off playing if you love nothing more than getting stuck into playing slot games on which you are going to trigger a very diverse range of different types of bonus games and bonus features, and it does of course go without saying each of my top rated casino sites are going to have fruit machines on offer in their slot game menus too.

Are debit cards accepted?

You will be best advised to always choose to use a deposit option at any casino sites that you play at that isn’t going to be an expensive one to use and also pick out and select a reliable on to use too. If you do have a debit card that is linked up to your bank account then you can of course use that card to top up your casino account at any time and winnings can be sent back to the bank account it is linked up to too.

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