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Most Popular Non Gamstop Mobile Slots


I just know that when you get the urge to play slot machines, many of you to there will not fancy making a trek to a local land based casinos or amusement arcade, and will prefer to sit at home or wherever you may be playing your favourite slot games on your smart phone or tablet device.

When you have put your name down on Gamstop though, you are not going to have as many slot sites and casino sites available to you, and that could see you playing at a poorly run and operated casino, but not if you read through the following guide as below I will let you know which mobile casino and slot sites really are worth playing at.

Bonus Game Awarding Slots

You are going to have plenty of fun playing slot machines on your mobile devices, however video slots of the type you find in a local casino have proven to be very popular with players over the years, and that is due to them often coming with one or more bonus games and/or bonus features.

Therefore, and as it is possible to win much more during a bonus game than you could ever win from the base game of most video slots, you will not be surprised they are some of the most popular slots found in most casinos apps, and you can of course play them for low and high stakes too.

As for just which bonus games that can be triggered when playing bonus game awarding video slots, you will find free spins bonus games, pick and win bonus games pick and match bonus games and wheel spinning bonus games too, some of those video slots you can play at my featured non Gamstop casino sites can and do award more than one bonus game.

Keep in mind too that you are going to have the option of playing any type of video slot for free before you ever set about playing them for real money when using the free to download apps available from each featured mobile casino site, so do consider playing some of them as soon as you can do.

Fruit machines can also be played on any type of mobile device too, and when it comes to bonus games and bonus features you really will be very hard pressed to find a range of slots other than those that do offer as many bonus games as can be triggered when playing fruit machines.

3 Reel and Classic Mobile Slots

I would suggest that before you do start playing at any of my  non Gamstop casino sites that I have fully reviewed for you throughout this website you first take a look at the range of slot machines each of them have on offer, as that way you can see first-hand just which casino is going to be offering you the exact type of slot machines that you do enjoy playing the most.

When it comes to playing slot games that do not require you to think too hard so to speak, well the classic slot machines and the three reel slot games too are some of the most basic slot games that you can play at any casino site and you are very quickly going to get the hang of playing them.

Those slot games are also going to be ideal slots to play if you haven’t much time set aside to play slot games online too, for they have a rapid fire type of playing format and structure attached and on offer on them and that is due to the simple fact those classic and three reel slots have been designed without any bonus games or bonus features, so they may just be slot games that you will enjoy playing.

Progressive Mobile Slot Machines

As for which slot machines are going to always be giving you the chance of winning one of those massive life changing jackpots that you may often dream about winning, well if those are the types of slot machines that you are very eager to try your luck on it will be the progressive slot machines that you should be making a point of tracking down and playing at any of my featured online and mobile casino sites.

But it is very important that before you do start playing any slot machine on which there is one or more progressive jackpots on offer, you read through the pay tables of those slot games and any attached help files too.

I say that as by reading up on how each progressive jackpot awarding slot machine has been designed you ill then know how you have to stake each base game spin or play such slots to have any chance what so ever of winning one of those huge and ever rising progressive jackpots.

Just make sure that if you do come across a progressive slot machine you set yourself some limits as to just how much you are prepared to spend playing them,, and never ever become too obsessed with winning the jackpots attached to them.

The biggest progressive jackpots really are going to be huge in value but you are going to have to be extremely lucky to ever win one of those huge life changing jackpots so always do keep that fact in mind and always play progressive slot machines responsibly too.

Frequently Asked Questions

This final section of my guide to the best mobile slot games will be answering several questions that you are bound to have about playing those types of slot machines, and each slot you will come across will have help files attached and their own unique pay tables too, so make sure you read them through to get a much better understanding of how any mobile slot games have been designed to play and pay.

Do casino sites allow you to deposit with PayPal?

It will be up to each individual casino as to just which payment options you can make use of when you wish to top up your casino account, and as such if you want to make deposits using PayPal then you need to check the banking pages of a casinos website, as it may be available and if it is then you will also find it is available as a withdrawal option too so do keep that in mind.

Can I play very volatile slots online?

They are the riskiest slot machines you can play online, those being the slot games that have been designed as high variance slots. When playing them what you should be doing is ensuring that you adjust the stake levels in such a way that you can get plenty of spins out of your bankroll, set the stake levels to high and you may soon find your bankroll being eaten away very quickly.

Are non Gamstop casinos fast payers?

The fastest way to get paid out your winnings is to request they are paid out to you via a web wallet for when a casino site pays you out via a web wallet which are very easy to process they are then going to show up in your web wallet account instantly. However, there will be lots of other payment methods available but some of them may take a few days to get paid out to you.

Can I choose to get paid by any e-wallet?

There are plenty of web wallets and e-wallets that you can choose to get paid out by, the most popular ones for UK players are PayPal, Skrill and Neteller, but one thing to be aware of is that there will be some fees and charges associated with using each of them, and as such you should pick the one that is most cost effective for you to get paid out your winnings by.

How do I contact a casinos support team?

What you find appreciate about each of my featured non Gamstop casino sites is that they not only have an around the clock customer support team on duty night and day, but you will find the individual casino games all come with a set of help files too, so if you are unsure of how to play any game rather than contact the support team for help just read through the attached help files.

Which bonuses if any should I claim?

Bonuses are very free flowing at each of my rated non Gamstop casino sites, and as such if you enjoy getting the maximum slot and casino game playing value then you will find a new player sign up welcome bonus on offer at each site, which include deposit match slot machines, and you will also get offered plenty of ongoing promotional offers, deals and bonuses at those sites too.

What is the legal minimum age to gamble?

To be able to sign up to, deposit and then play slot machines online from the UK you need to be over the age of 18, and each casino site whether a non Gamstop casino or one that is part of that scheme is also going to ask you to send in documents to prove you are over the age of 18 too, so do make sure that is something you are able to do when you find an online or mobile casino site to play at.

Can I play 5-reel slot machines online?

By far and away the most played slot games at any casino site are of course video slots and the type of video slots that have plenty of built in bonus games, loads of bonus features and let you put into play plenty of paylines too, and there are going to be hundreds of those types of slots always on offer to you, so make sure you track some of them down and give them a whirl.

Do casino sites online have any fruit machines?

Fruit machines are probably the type of slot games that you will have played in the past, and if you are wondering whether you will have access to them online then I have some good news for you and that is there are going to be some very unique and exclusive slot machines waiting for you online. But always read through the pay tables to discover just what you can win when playing them.

Are progressive slot machines on offer in large numbers?

The way in which you are going to have a chance of winning a life changing jackpot when playing slot machines online is to make a point of finding out just which slots have progressive jackpots attached to them and then concentrating all of your playing efforts playing those types of slots online, of which you are always going to have loads of them on offer to you for sure.

Which e-wallet should I use as a deposit option?

Neteller was originally set up as a web wallet that would be best suited for online gamblers to be able to make deposits and also get paid out their winnings from casino and other gambling sites, and as such you will find that all casinos these days are going to allow you to to[p up your casino account instantly using that web wallet and you will also find you can cash out your winning quickly too.

Which slot machines have a reasonable element of risk?

Medium variance slots by their very design are slot games that will, over the long term give you a  good mix of low and medium sized winning payouts when you are playing  them, and one thing that you are guaranteed of finding is that there will be no shortages of them available online, and as such you will find classic, 3 reel and also plenty of video slots will be designed with such a variance.

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