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Slot Machines That Offer Plenty of Bonus Games


I do know and understand that when it comes to playing slot machines at non Gamstop listed casino sites, some of you out there may be looking for the much more basic playing slot machines, and if so the classic and 3 reel slots will be right up your street for sure.

However, all action slot machines are much more to players tastes these days, and with that in mind if you are looking for such slots to play online and for real money, allow me to give you some idea of the types of bonus games and bonus features that you will find attached to plenty of online slots.

Free Spin Bonus Feature Rounds

When it comes to the range and variety of different bonus games and bonus features that can and will eventually be awarded to you when playing slot machines, it is very safe and true to say you are going to have the chance of triggering a huge and very varied range of what may turn out to be very high paying bonus games no matter where you choose to play slot machines.

However, the biggest category of bonus game awarding slot machines are those that will see you having the chance of triggering a set of free spins, and those bonus games can but not always be triggered once you have spun in enough scatter or even bonus symbols via one base game spin.

The number of pay liens and the stake levels you will have in play when you to trigger a set of free spins will often be the same as you have on the triggering base game spin, but be aware that the multiplier values and the number of free spins you then get to play off when trigger such a bonus game can and will vary dependent on the slot you are playing.

Most such slots will however also give you the chance of triggering even more free spins as you initial set of free spins are playing off, and the best aspect of a free spins bonus game is that they often offer players the chance of winning more via them than can be won via any one single base game spin.

Wheel Spinning Bonus Games

Some of the very first types of bonus games that appeared on video slot machines and even on some 3 reel slot machines quite a number of years ago were wheel spinning bonus games, and those types of bonus games are still hugely popular with players, for it is possible to win big once those types of bonus games have been triggered and awarded.

What you are tasked with having to do when you do play any slot machine that has a wheel spinning bonus game attached to it and it has been awarded to you is to simply clicking  or tapping if playing via a mobile device on the spin button and by doing so the wheel will then start to spin.

Slowly but surely that wheel will then start to slow down and it will eventually stop spinning, once the bonus wheel does finally stop spinning the contents of the segment of the bonus wheel that is facing the win arrow will then be awarded to you.

The contents of that segment of a bonus wheel could of course be a cash award a progressive jackpot or even another type of bonus game, so its true to say those slots offering a wheel spinning bonus game can and will offer you the chance of winning all manner of different things via those bonus games.

Pick and Match Slot Machine Bonus Features

A pick and match bonus game is another of the large and often varied type of bonus games and bonus features that you may just end up triggering when playing slot machines in any playing environment, and sometimes a pick and match bonus game can turn out to be a huge paying one.

Take for example the slot machines that have been designed in such a way that you are guaranteed of winning one of several progressive jackpots attached to such a slot machine when its pick and match bonus game has been triggered.

You will however need to first play off that pick and match bonus game to discover just which progressive jackpot you have won. You will see loaded onto the slot machines screen once a pick and match bonus game has been awarded to you, several different items or locations.

By clicking on them one at a time they will reveal either a cash award or a progressive jackpot logo, you are then faced with having to keep in picking until such a time you get a matching set of cash awards or progressive jackpot logos, the number of matching ones you will need to match will always be displayed on the slot machines screen.

As soon as you do get a matching set the bonus game will then end there and then and you will be awarded with whatever it is you won via that bonus game, keep in mind though some pick and match bonus games could award additional bonus games and/or bonus features and not just cash awards or progressive jackpots.

Slots with Pick and Win Bonus Games

Some slot machines are going to give you the chance of triggering what are known as pick and win bonus games, and those types of bonus games could be triggered by a set of spun in bonus symbols or a set of scatter symbols or even awarded to you completely at random.

When you are awarded with a pick and win bonus game you then are tasked with nothing more complicated that picking off a range of items or locations from the bonus game screen, and by clicking or tapping on them a cash award is then awarded to you.

However, some slot machines could award you with a progressive jackpot when you have triggered a pick and win type of bonus game or could award you with an additional and different type of bonus game as well.

Just keep in mind though that often such a bonus game will have been pre-determined before you start it pick off locations or items from the bonus game screen, and those that are will never reveal to you what is hiding behind the locations or items you didn’t pick once the bonus game has ended.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are yet to try out an online casino site then feel free to have a good look around this website as you will find all of the information you require to locate a perfect casino site based on what you are looking for from such a site, below are some questions that I have answered that may help you get your head around playing slot games online for the very first time.

Is it possible to play multi slots simultaneously?

When you set forth and get stuck into playing slot machines online, you may fancy playing more than one slot machine at a time, and most gaming platforms are going to allow you to do just that, but keep in mind to save you having to flip through each screen and set the reels spinning individually you can utilize the auto play setting to send each slot game into live play automatically.

Do online slots offer lots of fun and excitement?

It will be down to just which type and category of slot machine that you choose to play as to just whether you are going to find them exciting, for at the end of the day all slot players have their own preferences when it comes to the slot games they play, any slots offering more than one bonus game or bonus feature will be some of the most exciting and entertaining slots you can play online.

Which slot games get the most attention online?

The most popular slot games online as those that have bonus games and/or bonus features that not only trigger much more often than other slot machines award their bonus games and bonus features but those that give players the very real chance of winning big too, however when playing online you will always find every possible type of slot machine you could ever want to play.

Can I play slot machines found in land-based casinos online?

Most of not all land based slot machine designers and developers have made the wise decision of making their range of slot games fully compatible with both online and mobile gaming platforms, so if you do have your own personal favourite slot machines that you enjoy playing in land based casinos, then keep in mind that many of them if not all of them will also be available online too.

Which pick and win slots are worth playing?

Pick and win bonus games are of course going to be readily available to players at any of my top rated and fully approved and highly recommended non Gamstop casino sites, and some of the pick and win bonus games can not only award you with additional bonus games and bonus features but could also award you with a huge and possibly life changing progressive jackpot so keep that in mind.

Are pick and match bonus games very high paying slots?

Every single slot player is going to make a beeline to play the slot machines they enjoy playing the most of course, and I am aware that many of you out there will love the thrill and excitement of playing slots offering pick and match based bonus games, and my top rated casino sites are going to have more than enough of those types of slots available to you via their online or mobile platforms.

Do any slot machines offer true skill feature rounds?

I would suggest you try and play a wide variety of different slot machines if you do make what I feel is the very smart and site decision of choosing any of my top rated non Gamstop casino and slot sites to play at, for when doing so you will always come cross plenty of very unique slot machines to play, some of which may just be offering you a true skill base bonus game or bonus feature.

Can I trigger lots of different bonus games via one spin?

Never be too surprised when signing up to any of my featured non Gamstop casinos and logging into your newly opened account regarding the number of different slot games you will then have access to, for you are going to find every imaginable slot game available at those casinos and some of those slots will give you the chance of triggering more than one bonus game or bonus feature.

How many bonus games do some slot machines offer?

It will be fruit machines that you are going to be best off playing if you love nothing more than getting stuck into playing slot games on which you are going to trigger a very diverse range of different types of bonus games and bonus features, and it does of course go without saying each of my top rated casino sites are going to have fruit machines on offer in their slot game menus too.

What deposit methods can I use to play online slots with?

You will be best advised to always choose to use a deposit option at any casino sites that you play at that isn’t going to be an expensive one to use and also pick out and select a reliable on to use too. If you do have a debit card that is linked up to your bank account then you can of course use that card to top up your casino account at any time and winnings can be sent back to the bank account it is linked up to too.

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