Taking Advantage of Non Gamstop Slot Bonuses April 28, 2020 Brian Appleby

Taking Advantage of Non Gamstop Slot Bonuses

taking-advantage-of-non-gamstop-slot-bonusesBelieve me when I tell you that even if you are on the Gamstop register and can no longer play at any casino site that is part of that scheme, you are still going to have access to loads of different slot machines online or ever type and category.

You will also be showered with a huge and very diverse range of sign up welcome bonuses and plenty of ongoing promotional offers, deals and bonuses too, and this guide is going to let you know which type of bonuses you are going to be able to make use of and how they have been designed too.

Free Slot Spins Keep the Winnings

One type of bonus offers that you may be very interested in making use of and claiming as a slot player are a set of free spins given away by a non Gamstop casino site that you can use on one of their slot machines, and when playing off those spins any winnings you achieve will be yours to keep.

However, what you do need to be aware of when you do come across such bonuses is that they may be designed in such a way that any winnings you do achieve will then be awarded to you as bonus credits and not as cash credits.

Therefore if you do win any amount of cash when playing off your awarded set of no risk free spins on any slot machine, those winnings will then need to be played through a number of times before they are then turned into cash credits and can be withdrawn by winning players,

So, to ensure you get the maximum value out of a set of free spins given away by any online or mobile non Gamstop casino site or app that the ones you do claim are going to see your winnings paid out to you as cash credits and not bonus credits.

The higher in number the set of free spins by the way and the higher the stakes on those free spins the better value any such offer is going to be worth, so always keep that in mind too if those are the types and kinds of bonuses that you are eager to track down and make full use of.

Deposit Match Non Gamstop Bonuses

The bonuses that you really should be spending some time tracking down and claiming too, if you are a slot player, as those that are always going to give you more play time from your deposits and your bankroll and the ones that are going to give you the increased chance of winning with too.

There are plenty of my featured and top rated non Gamstop casino sites that are all fully reviewed throughout this website that are going to be offering you some of the most valuable and highly claimable bonuses that any slot player can claim, those being what are known as deposit match bonuses.

When you claim such a deposit match bonus, the casino will add into your account a percentage of your deposit as bonus credits, and those types of bonuses often see you being able to claim 100% or even higher of your deposited amount as bonus credits.

Things to look out for though in the terms and conditions of any deposit match non Gamstop slot machine related bonus offers you are checking out include the amount of play through that you will need to achieve before you can then cash out your winnings and your account balance.

The best valued bonuses of that type come with the very lowest possible play through requirements and they are also the bonuses that do not see any caps being placed on how much you can win and then cash out when using a deposit match bonus, so be on the lookout for deposit match casino bonuses that have been designed int hat way.

No Deposit Casino and Slot Bonus Offers

One other type of bonus that you are very likely to come across when you do switch some or even all of your slot playing action online are bonuses that are known as no deposit bonuses, and as you may have already worked out from the names of those types of bonuses you are never going to have to make a deposit to claim a set of bonus credits from a casino site offering such a bonus to their players.

However, as those bonuses are not going to cost you anything to claim that does of course mean that a huge number of slot players the world over are going to be interested in claiming them and many slot players do claim such bonuses when they are new to playing slot machines online.

But as you would expect, to limit their liability when offering such no risk player slot machine bonuses the casino sites that do make them available are going to have some extremely strict rules and bonus terms and conditions attached to those types of bonuses.

In fact, it is very true to say the strict rules and terms and conditions attached to most available no deposit bonus offers these days are such that they are not going to be worth wasting your time claiming, for with mega sized play through requirements and often maximum cash out limits in place too, often a percentage of the bonus awarded to you in the first place, you cannot win much form such bonuses at most casino sites that do have them on offer to their players.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is of course always going to be up to you and your own personal decision as to just where you play slot machines and which ones you play too, and below to help you make a very well balanced decision on where to play slot games and which ones may be worth playing too, I have answered a range of questions related to playing slots at non Gamstop casino sites, so please spend some time reading each of them through.

Are online slots high risk ones to play?

Both online and mobile slot machines are going to be designed with one of three different payout percentages attached to them, and as such if you want to play low risk slots then play low variance slots, however medium variance slots of which there are plenty online offer a medium level of risk and high variance slot games are going to deliver to you a high risk type of slot playing session.

Are high stake slots available to online players?

You are in control when playing online slot machines, and keep in mind all of my featured non Gamstop casino sites are going to give you access to free play no risk demo mode slots, however when you choose to play for real money you will have the ability of setting the stake levels to some high amounts or some very low amounts, so always play online slots for stakes you can afford.

What is the maximum jackpots I can win online?

The sky is the limit as to just how much you can win when you for example set about playing progressive slot machines, for those types of slot games will have jackpots that continue to grow in value until one lucky player wins that jackpot, but some progressive slots have jackpots that have been set to be won before they reach a certain value, so always keep that in mind when playing.

Do non Gamstop slot shave high paybacks and high RTP’s?

If you play the exact same slot machine online and on a mobile app at the same casino site then the RTP that slot machine has been set to return over the long term is not going to be higher or lower on either the mobile app or on the online gaming platform, and as such it doesn’t matter which environment you choose to play slot games in, you have the same chances of winning or losing.

How can I find high paying online slots?

The payout percentages that all online slot machines have been designed to return over the long term can and will vary, and keep in mind the savviest slot players are always going to be tracking down the slot machines that have the highest payout percentages attached to them, that information is often listed on a casinos website or on a slot game pay table or help files.

Are online slot game RTP’s adjustable by casinos?

Most casino operators have no control over the long term expected payout percentages that their slot machine shave been set to payout to players, however some operators do and therefore you will be best advised to always take a look at a casinos website or the pay tables or help files attached to any slot machines as that is often where you will find out the RTP of any slot machine you play.

Which slot games are readily available?

The longer established slot and casino game designers, by virtue of the simple fact some of them have been in business for a decade or two are going to have by far and away the most slot machines, and I am happy to let you know each casino featured on this website have games for all of the established slot game designers so you will find more than enough slots on offer at those casinos.

Can I sample playing new slot machines anywhere?

I know that many of you out there are going to want to play new slot machines, and that is one of the main reasons why I have listed only the very best non Gamstop casino sites that are best famed for regularly launching plenty of new slot machines, so if you do want to play all the very latest slots then those are by far and away the very best casino sites that you can sign up to and play at.

Do I have to play for real money?

Never be under the impression that when you do want to pass some time playing slot games either online or on any type of mobile device that you are only going to be able to do so in a real money playing environment as that will not be the case, each featured casino site and casino app will offer you the option of playing their vast array of different slot machines for free and at no risk.

Which casino app is the best one to download and install?

When playing slot games on a mobile casino app you need to pick out one that is going to give you access to a wide and very varied range of different slot machines, those casinos I have listed upon this website have some of the most advanced mobile casino apps, and as such you are always guaranteed of finding plenty of mobile compatible slot games when playing via their casino apps.

Can I adjust the playing speed of online slots?

You may not have a lot of spare time to play slot machines either online or via any type of mobile device, and as such you will be pleased to learn that most of the slot games readily available at my range of non Gamstop casino sites will offer a fast or speed play option, and by turning it on and activating that setting the reels will spin and stop much quicker than they normally do.

Where can I sample playing the latest slot game releases?

It is during each month that new slot machines and slot games are going to be launched at online and mobile casino sites, but keep in mind that the casino sites and apps that I have showcased throughout this website of have a very good mix of different slot game designers slot machines on offer, and as such they tend to get the most new slot games on their apps and platforms.

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