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Top Tips for Playing Online Slot Machines


You will always be aiming to get the maximum amount of play time out of your slot playing bankroll, however these days that is often much easier said than done, for you do need to have a good idea of the best slot playing hints and tips to get more play time and the maximum value out of your bankroll.

This guide will be of great interest to those of you out there that are on the Gamstop register but not only want to play real money slot machines online once more but also want to learn the very best slot playing tips for playing such slot machines, so do read on to find out more.

Equate Your Stakes to Your Bankroll

As all slot machines are going to give you a range of different staking options, it is important to set any slot machines to play for a stake level that your bankroll can sustain for a fair number of base game spins.

Failing to do so if you set your stake levels way too high could and probably see your bankroll vanishing very rapidly if you do not spin in any winning combinations when you start to play the slot game you have chosen to play.

Keep in mind that especially when you set about playing any slot machines that have bonus games and bonus features, there is going to be an average number of spins between those bonus games and bonus features being triggered and awarded to you.

As for just what stake level the savviest slot machines players will set the slot games they are play to, well most savvy slot players will aim to get one hundred to one hundred and fifty spins out of their bankroll when playing just one slot machine.

By doing so they then have what will be described as a very fair and reasonable chance of triggering during those base game spins at the very least one of the bonus games and bonus features attached to the slot machine that they have chosen to play, so try and aim to play off around that many spins yourself when you next do decide to get stuck into playing slot machines in any type of slot playing environment is my advice.

Find the RTP’s and Variance of Slot Machines

It is very true and fair to say that the majority of online and mobile slot players are going to find themselves drawn into playing slot machines that they may simply like the look of or a slot machine that comes with a bonus game or bonus feature that they enjoy triggering and playing off.

Whilst that may be all well and good, what you do need to keep in mind is that every single non Gamstop casino slot machine and slot machines available in any other casino sites, casino apps and even in land based casinos and amusement arcade or wherever they happen o be located will come with its own payout percentage often known as the RTP of a slot machine and its own variance too.

Variance is the amount of risk associated with the design of any game of chance including slot machines, and you will find low variance, medium variance and high variance slots on offer to you no matter where you choose to play.

Low variance slots offer low valued winning payouts so you will get plenty of those lower valued winning payouts, high variance slots tend to not award many low valued winning payouts but give you the chance of winning huge amounts of cash by they are high risk slot machines to play, and medium variance slots fit into the middle of those type categories of slot machines, and therefore have a medium level of risk attached and associated with them.

When playing slot machines, the payout percentage each one of them has been set to payout over the long term can also different, and as such what you should be looking to play are the slot machines that have the very highest possible long term expected RTP’s which means return to player.

As for just what is a higher than average payout percentage, well be on the hunt for slot machines that have been designed to payout to players over their long term play a payout percentage in excess of 97.00% at least.

You will find that most casino sites list their respective slot machine payout percentages somewhere on their websites, and if not then you should look at the help files of each slot or on the pay tables instead, as that is where some slot game designed list that very important piece of information.

But, at the end of the day just keep in mind and always be aware of the fact that the payout percentage that you will achieve on any one single session, playing even the highest paying slot machines can be lower or higher than the one it has been designed to payout, and that is due to the very random nature of such slot machines.

But over you long term play when playing slot machines you should achieve or get very near to any slot machines expected long term payout percentage, and that is why you should be looking to play the slots that do only boast and offer the very highest pay backs in any playing environment you choose to play slot machines in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now you know several slot playing hints and tips, let me now take a look at the most commonly asked questions by UK based players about playing slot machines online or on a mobile device at a non Gamstop casino site or app, below therefore you will find the answers to many of those questions so read on as you may find them interesting and they may help you locate a casino or slot machine to play online if you are on that self-exclusion register.

How can I limit my losses playing slot machines?

When logging into a non Gamstop casino site you will find a range of gambling limit option settings are available to you, and as such the best advice I can give you is to make sure that you do set yourself some limits as that way you will never then run any risk of gambling and losing more than you may have initially planned to do, and you can set low and deposit limits by the way.

Can I play using an auto spin setting?

Online slot machines are just as technically advanced as land-based slot machines, and as such you will always find a full range of different option settings that you will be more than welcome to make use of. If you are the type of player than enjoys making use of an auto play setting to allow you to set the slot to play itself automatically then you will have such an option setting available to you.

How can I play slots very quickly online?

One of the many different option settings that any type of online slot machine is going to be giving you access too is a speed play type of setting, and when you turn on the speed or fast play option the reels of the slot or slot you then choose to play will spin and stop much faster than they usually do, so keep that in mind if you are wishing to play lots of spins but in a short space of time.

Are my chances of winning a jackpot high online?

Due to the sheer number of online slot players, what you are going to find is that the jackpots attached and associated with progressive slot machines do tend to grow in value very rapidly, and not only that the jackpots do tend to get won much more regularly, and as such do consider giving some of them a little bit of play time if you fancy trying your chances on a huge paying slot machine.

Do online slots come with three stepper reels?

There are going to be so many different styled and structured 3 reel slot machines readily available to you online, you seriously are going to be spoiled for choice, but as is always the case you should be looking for three reel slot machines that come with both a variance you enjoy and your bankroll can sustain and also 3 reel slots on which there is a higher than available RTP too.

How many new online slots get launched?

Never be under the impression that you are only going to have access to a small number of slot machines online, and just older styled slot games either, for you really are going to be impressed by just how many brand new and never seen before slot games are going to be readily available to you online, so always keep your eyes peeled for those brand new slots as you will love playing them.

Are there any slot machines with enhanced animations?

By you making what I just know is going to be a very smart move and signing up to any of the casinos listed on this website, you are always going to be guaranteed of finding a very good mix of different slot machines to play, however some of the slot machines that will be on offer to you will be the highly advanced slots offer 3D graphics and animations that are always worth playing.

What slots should I play to trigger bonus features?

A tiny number of the much new three reeled slot machines now come with bonus games that award you with a set of free spins, however it will be the video slot games on offer at all non Gamstop casino sites that are going to have loads of differently structure free spins bonus games attached and on offer on them, so they will certainly be slots to give some play time to.

Are wheel spin feature round slots available?

I am more than confident that when playing at my range of featured and fully licensed and regulated non Gamstop casino sites you are going to find exactly the type of slot machines you love playing time and time again, and those slot games will of course include several that are going to see you triggering a wheel spinning bonus game which can be high paying bonus games of course.

Which are the most popular slot site deposit options?

Skrill is one of many different payment options that non Gamstop casino sites have on offer on their respective banking interfaces, and as such if you are looking for a fast and efficient way of topping up your casino site account and also having a way that you are going to be able to rapidly cash out your winnings too then do consider signing up for a Skrill web wallet account today.

Can I play very high-risk slot machines online?

You will have access to low, medium and high variance slot machines no matter at which of my top rated, licensed and fully approved non Gamstop casino sites you chose to play at, however at the end of the day you always need to be aware of the fact that those types of slot machines are very high risk ones to play, so always gamble responsibly when you do play any high variance slot games.

Do online slots offer different variances?

Both online and mobile slot machines are going to be designed with one of three different payout percentages attached to them, and as such if you want to play low risk slots then play low variance slots, however medium variance slots of which there are plenty online offer a medium level of risk and high variance slot games are going to deliver to you a high risk type of slot playing session.

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