Understanding How Random Jackpot Slots Work May 11, 2020 Brian Appleby

Understanding How Random Jackpot Slots Work


Many of my featured and top rated non Gamstop casino sites have a range of what are known as Random Jackpot slots, and if you are on the hunt for some excellent slot machines to play online for real money, then those are the games worth tracking down and playing.

However, there is of course the chance that you may never have played such slot machines before, then please read through this guide, for once you do discover just how they play and pay you are going to want to give some of them a try for sure.

Jackpots Awarded Randomly

As the name of random jackpot slot machines do suggest, when playing them you could, at the end of any paid for base game spin win the progressive jackpot attached to such slots or one of them if there are more than one jackpot attached to the slot machine you are playing.

That does of course mean that there is going to be no need of you to have to line up a winning combination of jackpot paying reel symbols when playing such slots, and one thing you may find very interesting about such slot games is that you can play most of them for any stake level you like and still have a good chance of winning a jackpot.

What makes playing the random jackpot slot games on offer at my featured non Gamstop casino sites, is that they also come with bonus games and bonus features that can be triggered when you ate playing them, and some of those bonus games and bonus features may turn out to be very high paying ones.

Being completely random and being games of chance, there is never any knowing in advance of you starting to play such a slot machine as to when the jackpots are going to be won, and as they do offer adjustable stake levels too they are highly suitable for both low stake players and high stake players as well.

Tips for Playing Random Jackpot Slots

Now that you have some idea as to just how random jackpots work you may be looking to give some of those types of online and mobile slot games a little bit of play time either online or via any type of mobile device, and be seeking out a few random jackpot slot playing hints and tips too.

If that is the case then one thing that you should always be on the hunt for when tracking down and trying to work out just which random jackpot slot machines are going to be worth playing are the slot games which have been designed to return more of your stake money over the long  term.

By playing such slot machines even if you do not win big when playing the, their long term expected high pay-out percentages will at the very least ensure you do get plenty of winning combinations spinning in and allow you to recycle your winnings many times when playing then and as such you should get some much longer slot playing sessions when playing slot machines with high payout percentages.

Also, whilst there is of course no way of knowing just when a random jackpot slot machine is going to award its jackpot, there is a better chance of winning such a jackpot when it is overdue, and by overdue I mean the current jackpot displayed on any such slot is higher in value than the amount it tends to pay out on average to players.

Therefore if you so spot a slot machine with a random jackpot attached to it and you notice the jackpot has never been as high as it currently is then that may be a good time to give that slot a little bit of play time, as you never know it may just be about to play out.

Do also keep in mind that you can also get plenty of additional slot machine playing value when you make use of the best valued slot game bonus offers that casino sites do make available to their players from time to time, so read on as I will now enlighten you as to just which bonuses are ideal to use on random jackpot slot games and why those bonuses are going to be worth claiming and making full use of too.

Bonuses Available to Play Random Jackpot Slots

You will be very well looked after when you do make the wise decision of singing up to and playing at any one of my top rated and fully approved non Gamstop casino sites, and the first thing that each of them are going to shower you with regarding bonus funds are via their respective sign up welcome bonus offers.

However, what you should be looking for from such bonuses and additionally any extra ongoing bonus offers any casino site does make available to you, are bonuses that are high valued deposit match bonuses.

By claiming those types of bonuses you can often massively boost the value of you slot machine playing bankroll and that will then allow you to play off more spins on any slot machines you do decide to get stuck into playing.

But never be in a rush to claim any old casino bonus you see offered to you only, for you will need to read through the terms and conditions of each bonus offer and then determine whether those terms and conditions are favourable and fair.

The best valued and reasonably structured online casino slot bonuses that have been designed as deposit match bonuses will be those that have a very low play through requirement, and those that have no maximum cash out or maximum payout limits attached to them either.

So, make sure they are the bonus offers you seek out and claim online is my advice, to all you to then get a fair and reasonable chance of winning big when claiming such bonuses online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Plenty of different structured and designed random jackpot slot machines are always going to be available to you when playing at non Gamstop casino sites, much more so those that I have showcased you upon this website, and as such do make sure you check them all out as they all come very highly recommended of course, below are the answers to a few more questions about playing random jackpot slots at those featured and top rated casino sites.

Do random jackpot slots offer gambling limit settings?

When logging into a non Gamstop casino site you will find a range of gambling limit option settings are available to you, and as such the best advice I can give you is to make sure that you do set yourself some limits as that way you will never then run any risk of gambling and losing more than you may have initially planned to do, and you can set low and deposit limits by the way.

Can I play random jackpot slots with an auto play setting?

Online slot machines are just as technically advanced as land-based slot machines, and as such you will always find a full range of different option settings that you will be more than welcome to make use of. If you are the type of player than enjoys making use of an auto play setting to allow you to set the slot to play itself automatically then you will have such an option setting available to you.

Is there a fast play setting on random jackpot slots?

One of the many different option settings that any type of online slot machine is going to be giving you access too is a speed play type of setting, and when you turn on the speed or fast play option the reels of the slot or slot you then choose to play will spin and stop much faster than they usually do, so keep that in mind if you are wishing to play lots of spins but in a short space of time.

How often do random jackpots get won?

Due to the sheer number of online slot players, what you are going to find is that the jackpots attached and associated with progressive slot machines do tend to grow in value very rapidly, and not only that the jackpots do tend to get won much more regularly, and as such do consider giving some of them a little bit of play time if you fancy trying your chances on a huge paying slot machine.

Do three-reel slots award random jackpots?

There are going to be so many different styled and structured 3 reel slot machines readily available to you online, you seriously are going to be spoiled for choice, but as is always the case you should be looking for three reel slot machines that come with both a variance you enjoy and your bankroll can sustain and also 3 reel slots on which there is a higher than available RTP too.

Are new slot machines designed with random jackpots?

Never be under the impression that you are only going to have access to a small number of slot machines online, and just older styled slot games either, for you really are going to be impressed by just how many brand new and never seen before slot games are going to be readily available to you online, so always keep your eyes peeled for those brand new slots as you will love playing them.

Will I find 3D random jackpot slots?

By you making what I just know is going to be a very smart move and signing up to any of the casinos listed on this website, you are always going to be guaranteed of finding a very good mix of different slot machines to play, however some of the slot machines that will be on offer to you will be the highly advanced slots offer 3D graphics and animations that are always worth playing.

What bonus games are on offer on random jackpot slots?

A tiny number of the much new three reeled slot machines now come with bonus games that award you with a set of free spins, however it will be the video slot games on offer at all non Gamstop casino sites that are going to have loads of differently structure free spins bonus games attached and on offer on them, so they will certainly be slots to give some play time to.

Can I trigger wheel spin bonus rounds?

I am more than confident that when playing at my range of featured and fully licensed and regulated non Gamstop casino sites you are going to find exactly the type of slot machines you love playing time and time again, and those slot games will of course include several that are going to see you triggering a wheel spinning bonus game which can be high paying bonus games of course.

Do non Gamstop casino accept e-wallets?

Skrill is one of many different payment options that non Gamstop casino sites have on offer on their respective banking interfaces, and as such if you are looking for a fast and efficient way of topping up your casino site account and also having a way that you are going to be able to rapidly cash out your winnings too then do consider signing up for a Skrill web wallet account today.

Will I have access to high variance slots?

You will have access to low, medium and high variance slot machines no matter at which of my top rated, licensed and fully approved non Gamstop casino sites you chose to play at, however at the end of the day you always need to be aware of the fact that those types of slot machines are very high risk ones to play, so always gamble responsibly when you do play any high variance slot games.

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